Is There A Fast Setting Epoxy Resistant to Acetone?

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Customer’s Application

The customer wants to bond EUV optical substrates for lithography, where the epoxy will be exposed to immersion in acetone for cleaning. Additionally, they need the epoxy to set-up relatively quickly.

Application Discussion

In order to recommend the right solution, our technical expert needs to find out answers to certain questions pertaining to the customer’s application:
1. What viscosity are you looking for?
2.What are the operating temperatures?
3.At what temperature will the exposure to acetone take place? How long at a time and how many times will the adhesive be exposed to acetone?
4. How quickly do you require the adhesive to set-up?

Product Recommendation

Based on answers to the above questions, Kohesi Bond’s technical expert recommended our product KB 1151 S-1. KB 1151 S-1 is a two component, room temperature curing epoxy system. It offers superior resistance to various solvents, including acetone. It has been tested for immersion in various chemicals, such as toluene, gasoline, ethylene glycol and others for over a year without failure. The operating temperature ranges from -50°C to +150°C. Along with good chemical resistance, this product can quickly set-up at room temperature (~ 20 minutes). It offers excellent mechanical strength properties and dimensional stability. KB 1151 S-1 offers good flow properties. However, KB 1151 S-1 can be formulated in non-drip viscosity and also for higher temperature resistance.

Our customer successfully tested KB 1151 S-1 in their application and got excellent results.