Electrical Properties of Adhesive Systems

electrical properties of adhesives
Kohesi Bond offers superior adhesives, sealants, coatings, potting and encapsulation compounds specifically for use in semiconductor packaging and assembly of electronics such as printed circuit boards. These products offer outstanding electrical properties and can be customized to fit various conductivity, insulation, volume resistivity and dielectric strength requirements. Our industry-ready systems are widely used in conformal coating, die-attach, EMI & RFI shielding, glob top, underfill, surface mount, wire bonding and various other applications.
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Kohesi Bond formulates and manufactures first-rate electrically insulative adhesives that meet specific industrial requirements. Electrical insulation refers to a material’s ability to prohibit easy flow of electric current. Epoxies are inherently phenomenal electrical insulators. Varying the type of filler and the resin-curing agent system used, electrical properties of the end product can be drastically changed. Our extensive range of insulative products offer extremely high volume resistivity and dielectric strength. At the same time, these systems also offer very low dissipation factor and dielectric constant. These products are commonly used for attaching SMDs, ferrite bonding, glob top, coil impregnation, underfilling flip-chips and potting applications.
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Kohesi Bond offers a comprehensive range of custom-made electrically conductive systems that suit your specific requirements. Electrical conductivity refers to a material’s ability to easily allow flow of electrical current. Various fillers are employed to make our epoxy systems excellent conductors of electricity. These include: Silver Filled Adhesives: Silver filled systems offer the highest electrical conductivity and the lowest volume resistivity of <10-3 ohm-cm. They are commonly used to replace solder. Silver-coated Nickel Adhesives: Silver-coated nickel filled products offer a more cost effective alternative to silver filled systems, while maintaining very low volume resistivity of < 0.005 ohm-cm. Nickel Filled Adhesives: Nickel filled systems offer a cost effective solution where high electrical conductivity is required. Typically, they offer a low volume resistivity of 5 – 10 ohm-cm. Graphite Filled Adhesives: Graphite filled products offer an economical solution while maintaining good electrical conductivity. They provide a non-magnetic bond, high lubricity and a volume resistivity of 50 – 100 ohm-cm. Kohesi Bond’s superior electrically conductive adhesives, sealants and coatings are extensively used for wire-bonding, die attach, EMI/RFI shielding, electrostatic discharge, grounding and antistatic applications.
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