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Can Your Epoxy Take The Heat?

June 15, 2017AEROSPACE, All, OTHER

Discover our one component epoxy system KB 1427 HT that offers superior resistance to high temperatures and it is also capable of passing NASA standards for low outgassing (ASTM E-595), with the help of this infographic....

Across the universe KB 1631 HTC-1

June 15, 2017AEROSPACE, All

Discover our space approved epoxy system KB 1631 HTC-1 with the help of this infographic. It offers phenomenal thermal conductivity, cryogenic serviceability and it is capable of passing ASTM E-595 NASA standards for low outgassing....

Sodium Silicate Coating Systems

June 15, 2017All, ELECTRICAL

Explore our sodium silicate based coatings that offer the superior protection against electromagnetic and radio-frequency interference (EMI/RFI) with the help of this infographic. KB-SS-SIL presents a silver filler that offers...