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Selection Criteria Of Adhesives For Various Materials Surfaces f
It is commonly known that different materials, compounds and surfaces have different cohesion and adhesion properties. Hence, using one type
what are the different types of adhesive and their applications
An adhesive is a type of substance that holds two or more materials together with cohesive forces and surface attachment
Does Your Epoxy Move In The Groove – KB 10473 FLAO
Do you need a potting compound that can flow into tiny spaces? Check out our latest infographic to learn more
Do you want to ditch the mix KB 1613 HT Thumbnail
Discover our no-mix one component epoxy system KB 1613 HT designed to pass USP Class VI medical testing with the
Epoxies Resist Medical Sterilization Thumbnail
Many of Kohesi Bond's medical grade epoxies are can resist numerous cycles of severe sterilization. This infographic gives you an
How to Optimize Bonding With Surface Preparation Thumbnail
A bonds performance is not only determined by the choice of the adhesive, but also by the surface preparation technique
Can Your Epoxy Endure The Frost Thumbnail
Learn more about our newest cryogenic epoxy system KB 1039 CRLP with the help of this infographic. It can handle
Discover our one component epoxy system KB 1427 HT that offers superior resistance to high temperatures and it is also
Discover our space approved epoxy system KB 1631 HTC-1 with the help of this infographic. It offers phenomenal thermal conductivity,
Explore our sodium silicate based coatings that offer the superior protection against electromagnetic and radio-frequency interference (EMI/RFI) with the help