Potting and Encapsulation

potting/encapsulation applications
Kohesi Bond specializes in formulating superior epoxy based potting and encapsulation compounds. For good potting, encapsulation or casting, epoxies need to offer very good dimensional stability, low exotherm, forgiving working times, low shrinkage and stress free adhesion to housing substrates. Our potting and encapsulation epoxies can be customized to meet all of the above requirements. In addition, they also offer good thermal management properties, very low coefficients of thermal expansion, resistance to high as well as low (down to cryogenic) temperatures and outstanding chemical resistance. These products are used for potting of various electronic and microelectronic components, such as sensors, motors, coils, transformers, capacitors, switches, connectors, power supplies and cable harnesses among others. We offer our products in a variety of packaging options for manual as well as automated dispensing. They offer ease of application and reliable, consistent results. Special grades can meet NASA standards for low outgassing (ASTM E-595), USP Class VI biocompatibility, FDA standards and UL flame retardancy. Kohesi Bond’s specialty lies in customizing products to your requirements.
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