coating applications

Coating Applications

Kohesi Bond custom formulates epoxy and sodium silicate-based coatings for specialty coating applications. Our industrial coatings offer excellent protection against chemicals, moisture, abrasion, mechanical and thermal cycles and shocks, extreme temperatures and UV. Our products are available in varying viscosities and hardnesses. In addition, specific grades offer phenomenal electrical and thermal conductivity or insulation, based on your end application. 

Our industrial sodium-silicate and epoxy coatings are capable of meeting various industrial certifications. For example, for space applications we offer NASA-certified low-outgassing coatings (ASTM E-595), for medical applications we offer USP Class VI compatible coatings and  for food applications we offer food grade FDA compliant coatings.

These coatings are commonly used for conformal coatings, reduction of friction, wear resistance, chemical or corrosion resistance and EMI/RFI shielding, among others. Are you looking for customised coatings to meet your specific application requirements? Contact us today!
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