Product Description
Kohesi Bond KB-SS-G is a graphite filled, sodium silicate based coating system. Firstly, this product offers very good electrical conductivity. This products offers high levels of shielding towards electromagnetic interference (EMI) and radio frequency interference (RFI), along with cost effectiveness. Shielding effectiveness is extremely critical for electronic devices, since energy from various appliances such as radios can interfere with their performance. Our conductive coatings are usually applied to housing substrates to protect the devices from any such interference.

Shielding effectiveness is measured by attenuation, which refers to the difference in an electromagnetic signal’s intensity before and after shielding. The unit of measurement is in decibels (dB). Achieving shielding at higher frequencies is extremely challenging. From 1-2 GHz, KB-SS-G’s effectiveness is in the range of 35-50 dBs. This rating slowly declines to 45-35 dBs at 2-15GHz and further down to 45 dBs at 18 GHz, at which point it stabilizes. It should be noted that the decibel range of attenuation falls along a logarithmic scale. A 10 dB difference in attenuation indicates a 10 times change in shielding effectiveness.

KB-SS-G has a wide serviceable temperature range of -18°C to +370°C. This product can be easily applied with a brush or a spraying system. It can cure at room temperature in 1-2 days or it can be heat cured at 80°C for 1-2 hours.
Product Highlights
   Superb electrical conductivity
   Very cost effective
   Good shielding effectiveness
   Resists more than 370°C
   Effective moisture barrier
   Ease of application
Typical Applications
KB-SS-G can be packaged in various sizes and units to conform to your needs.
RoHS Compllant