epoxy systems

Epoxy Systems

Kohesi Bond is one of the leading epoxy adhesive manufacturers in India. We offer a broad range of high performance epoxy adhesives, sealants, coatings, potting and encapsulation compounds. The term “epoxy resin” refers to a polymeric compound containing more than one epoxide functional group. Following meticulous research and development, we have formulated an array of one and two-component epoxy compounds that offers excellent adhesion to a broad variety of substrates. We have the capability to customise each product to meet specific performance and handling characteristics. These products are manufactured with the highest quality in our state-of-the-art facility and are frequently employed in aerospace, electronic, medical, optical, oil and gas, automotive and other industries. Our epoxy systems include:
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One component epoxy systems are special polymer systems where the resin and the curing agent are present in the initial mixture. These systems only start polymerizing on the application of appropriate curing conditions, typically heat. Kohesi Bond offers a variety of true single-component epoxy systems that have an unlimited working life at room temperature. They do not require any metering or mixing, thus offering high yield and less waste. Our industry-ready, no-mix systems are available in varying performance and curing properties. These products can be customised and packaged to meet your specific requirements.
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Two component epoxy systems are special polymer systems where the resin and the curing agent are stored in separate containers. The two components (commonly referred to as Part A and Part B) are required to be mixed in the specified mixing ratio. After mixing, the polymerization occurs readily at ambient temperatures or at elevated temperatures for faster cures. Kohesi Bond offers a wide range of two component epoxy systems with varying working lives and curing properties. The most significant advantage of these products is their ability to cure at room temperature, thus offering an array of performance properties for applications where adding heat for curing is not feasible. Our products can be customised and packaged to meet your specific requirements. Specialty packaging is also available for automated metering and mixing of the two parts, offering ease of use and higher yields.
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Epoxy potting and encapsulation compounds are a type of thermosetting adhesive that consists of epoxy resin and hardener. They are the best type of adhesive for glueing metals, glass, concrete, ceramics, wood and many plastics. Epoxy systems provide strong adhesion to various surfaces due to polar attraction or direct bonds called the epoxide reactive process. It needs a curing agent and curing time to set into a solid state.

Epoxy adhesives are either one-component or two-component adhesives which are further classified based on their properties such as thermal curing, room temperature curing, viscosity hardness, working life, optically clarity etc.

Compared to other adhesive systems, epoxy adhesives offer some of the highest strengths along with superior resistance to chemicals and corrosion. Epoxies can also be used for casting or filling voids. Special grades offer high impact strength, good toughness, electrical and thermal conductivity, optical clarity, biocompatibility, cryogenic serviceability and flame retardance. The ability to modify an epoxy adhesive to meet specific end properties, makes it a versatile choice for most industrial applications.

Epoxy adhesives are highly versatile and are used in many industries due to their excellent bonding capabilities.  Some of the common industries epoxy adhesives are used in are electronic, medical, optical, oil and chemical, automotive and aerospace  among other industries. In addition to bonding, epoxy systems can also be used for sealing, coating, potting, encapsulation and impregnation applications.

You should make sure that the surface to be bonded with epoxy adhesive should be clean and dry. The surfaces need to be cleaned of any contamination such as dust, grease, oil, or wax with the help of the proper solvent. You can read our whitepaper on surface preparation to get a detailed insight on how to prepare various substrates.

The curing time is completely dependent on the choice of the epoxy adhesive. Fast curing systems can cure as quickly as 5 minutes, whereas slower curing systems can take much longer. To know the exact cure schedule of the epoxy adhesive you are using, kindly refer to the technical data sheet of the product.

Kohesi Bond is one of the leading suppliers and manufacturers of epoxy adhesives in India. Our high quality, tailor-made products can be directly purchased from us. All our products are made-to-order and shipped straight from our factory to your location globally. Contact our technical experts to find the right epoxy adhesive for your application!