Optical Properties of Adhesives, Sealants and Coatings

optical properties of epoxies and sodium silicates
Kohesi Bond formulates specialty adhesives, sealants and coatings that offer outstanding optical characteristics. Our products are capable of providing excellent spectral transmission and non-yellowing properties. Specific grades are capable of light blocking as well. These products maintain reliable bond strength and superior transmission even on exposure to high temperatures, chemicals and other harsh conditions. Their exceptional light transmittance makes them ideal for use in optical, electro-optical, fiber-optic and laser applications. Our comprehensive line of products are capable of passing various industrial certifications such as USP class VI and low outgassing tests. Kohesi Bond can tailor-make products that meet your specific optical requirements.
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Kohesi Bond manufactures an exclusive range of optically clear adhesives that offer remarkable transmission in the UV (300 nm) through IR (> 2000 nm) range. Our products typically grant over 90% transmission and come in a range of refractive indexes, which makes them fitting for applications requiring first-rate spectral transmission. In addition to optical clarity, these systems offer phenomenal dimensional stability, chemical resistance, abrasion resistance and can resist extremely broad range of temperatures (4K, cryogenic up to 300 C). They can cure at room temperature as well as at elevated temperatures.
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Kohesi Bond can make customized adhesives that offer superior non-yellowing properties. These specialized systems are critical for use in optical lenses, fiber-optic, electro-optical, LEDs, touchscreen panels, LCDs and solar panel applications.