True one component epoxy systems are gaining increasing acceptance as compared to popular two component epoxy systems. One-part epoxies are special polymer systems where the resin and the curing agent are present in the initial mixture. This avoids the need to manually meter and mix the two components of an epoxy system, eliminating any chances of error and providing higher efficiency. The added advantage of making mixing obsolete is that you can completely avoid any air entrapment. One part systems only start polymerizing on the application of appropriate curing conditions, typically heat for a specified time period. Hence, one component epoxy systems provide faster cure schedules in comparison to a two component epoxy. Furthermore, these systems exhibit superior mechanical strength profile, excellent chemical resistance, cryogenic serviceability, high glass transition temperatures, added toughness, low shrinkage and first-rate dimensional stability. Specific grades are capable of offering outstanding thermal and electrical conductivity and low coefficients of thermal expansion. They adhere superbly to similar as well as dissimilar substrates and can easily withstand extreme thermal cycling conditions. Kohesi Bond’s engineers have developed phenomenal one part epoxies that are capable of passing NASA standards for low outgassing, USP Class VI requirements, halogen free standards, among others.

Popular Products:

KB 1427 HT: KB 1427 HT is a path breaking one part epoxy system for bonding, sealing, coating and casting applications. It offers a roaring glass transition temperature (Tg) of >220 ° C and stellar chemical resistance to a wide variety of fuels, oil and water.

KB 1613 HT: KB 1613 HT is a one component, heat curing epoxy system typically used for bonding, sealing and coating applications. It offers rapid cures at elevated temperatures (5-10 minutes at 150 °C) as well as outstanding physical strength properties.

TUF 1820 HTS: TUF 1820 HTS is a one component, silver filled, heat curing epoxy system. It offers excellent electrical conductivity (volume resistivity of < 0.005 ohm-cm). Also, this product is cryogenically serviceable and capable of passing NASA standards for low outgassing.