Product Description
Kohesi Bond TUF 1828 TC is a toughened, single component, thermal management epoxy system that offers an unlimited working life at room temperature. Firstly, this product offers phenomenal heat transfer capabilities. This products has very low thermal resistance and can be applied in layers as thin as 10 microns. The efficiency heat transfer improves exceedingly with lower thermal resistance. This can be explained easily with the following formula: R = l/K [“R” is the thermal resistance; “l” is the adhesive layer thickness; “K” is the thermal conductivity of the adhesive] Applying peculiar values, standard thermally conductive adhesives (alumina filled) that are applicable in more than 50 micron thicknesses, offer a thermal resistance of 35 – 40 × 10-6 m2·K/W. Since TUF 1828 TC can be applied in 10 micron thick sections, it offers a notably low thermal resistance of 5 – 6 × 10-6 m2·K/W. TUF 1828 TC is cryogenically serviceable. Being a one component system, it provides ease of application and also adheres well to a wide variety of substrates including metals, ceramics, composites, most plastics and glass. It provides superior bonding and physical strength properties. It has a gray color. Owing to its sensational thermal management properties and low outgassing properties TUF 1828 TC is widely used in electronics, optical, aerospace, specialty OEM and cryogenic industries.
Product Highlights
   Unrivaled heat transfer efficiency
   Cryogenically serviceable
   Superb mechanical strength properties
   Microns thin bond lines achievable
   Capable of passing NASA low outgassing
   Unlimited working life at room temperature
Typical Applications
1/2 Pint Kits, Pint Kits, Quart Kits, Gallon Kits, 5 Gallon Kits
RoHS Compllant