TUF 1613 HT-SM

Kohesi Bond TUF 1613 HT-SM is a true single component system that requires no mixing and cures hard at elevated temperatures. Although it requires a minimum temperature of 120°C for curing (at which it cures extraordinarily fast), it can achieve even faster cures at higher temperatures. TUF 1613 HT-SM offers an extensive serviceable temperature range of -70°C to +180°C. This product can withstand severe thermal cycling and shocks. Being a one component system, it provides ease of application and also adheres well to a wide variety of substrates including metals, ceramics, composites, most plastics and glass. It provides outstanding bonding and physical strength properties, as well as dimensional stability. TUF 1613 HT-SM is a 100% solids and a reactive system i.e. it does not contain any solvents or diluents. In addition to superior electrical insulation, TUF 1613 HT-SM also offers very good thermal conductivity. It offers very smooth paste like consistency and does not tail when dispensed. It has a tan – brown color and it can be color matched to your specifications. With an ideal dispensing profile, TUF 1613 HT-SM although most commonly used for surface mount applications, its superior performance also makes it suitable for use in various other electronics, aerospace and distinctive OEM applications.