Product Description
Kohesi Bond KB 1631 FR-2 is a two component, room temperature curing epoxy system. This flame retardant epoxy generates low smoke and contains a non-halogenated filler. Although KB 1631 FR-2 cures hard at room temperature, the optimum cure schedule would be an overnight room temperature set-up followed by an addition of heat at 90°C for 2 – 3 hours. KB 1631 FR-2 offers an extensive serviceable temperature range of -51°C to +90°C, as per UL 94V-0 specification. This product’s exquisite flow properties makes it ideal for use in potting and encapsulation applications. In addition to ease of application, KB 1631 FR-2 adheres well to a wide variety of substrates including metals, ceramics, most plastics and glass. It provides superior mechanical strength properties and dimensional stability. KB 1631 FR-2 offers phenomenal electrical insulation. It also offers astounding chemical resistance to a variety of fuels, oils, lubricants and water. Part A has a black color and Part B has an off white color. Also, it has a very convenient 1:1 mix ratio by weight. With a unique combination of remarkable performance, ease of use and excellent flame retardant properties, KB 1631 FR-2 is widely used in electronics , microelectronics, aerospace and various OEM applications.
Product Highlights
   Can pass UL94V-0 flame retardant test
   Extremely low smoke generation
   Non-halogen filler
   Room temperature cure
   Convenient mix ratio of 1:1 by weight
   Excellent resistance to fuels and water
Typical Applications
KB 1631 FR-2 can be packaged in various sizes and units to conform to your needs.
RoHS Compllant