Product Description
Kohesi Bond KB 1085-1 is a two component, graphite filled epoxy system suitable for bonding, sealing and coating. It has a favorable 100:15 (Part A: Part B) mix ratio by weight. Firstly, it offers very good electrical conductivity and a outstanding dimensional stability. This epoxy system readily cures at room temperature and can achieve faster cures at elevated temperatures. The optimal cure schedule is an overnight room temperature set-up followed by a heat cure at 70°C – 90°C for 3 – 5 hours.

KB 1085-1 offers a volume resistivity of 50 – 100 ohm-cm. This makes it ideal for static dissipation, grounding and EMI/RFI shielding applications. Being graphite filled, this product is non-magnetic in nature and offers slight lubricity. It offers an extensive serviceable temperature range of -50°C to +120°C. It is a phenomenal adhesive that offers superb physical strength properties and adheres well to a wide variety of substrates including metals, ceramics, most plastics and glass. In addition to superior electrical, it also offers astounding chemical resistance to a variety of acids, bases, oils and water. Part A and Part B are black in color. Owing to its versatile performance, KB 1085-1 is widely used in electronics, aerospace, semiconductor, microwave and many OEM applications where a non-metallic conductive epoxy is required.
Product Highlights
   Graphite filled
   electrically conductive
   Offers good lubricity
   Ideal for static dissipation and grounding
   First-rate dimensional stability
   Very good shielding against EMI/RFI
Typical Applications
KB 1085-1 can be packaged in various sizes and units to conform to your needs.
RoHS Compllant