Kohesi Bond KB 1372-LO is a two component, room heat curing epoxy system suitable for bonding, sealing, and coating. It has a convenient 10:1 (Part A: Part B) mix ratio by weight. This unique epoxy system offers remarkable\y high glass transition temperature (Tg) of > 172°C. It rapidly cures at moderately elevated temperatures and can achieve even faster cures at higher temperatures. It takes 4 – 6 hours to cure at 70°C, 20 – 40 minutes at 100°C and 10 minutes at 125°C.

KB 1372-LO is capable of passing NASA standards for low outgassing (ASTM E-595). It offers very long working life at room temperature, allowing to bond large parts. It has an extensive serviceable temperature range of -50°C to +230°C. This phenomenal adhesive fosters outstanding mechanical strength properties, along with dimensional stability. KB 1372-LO adheres well to a wide variety of substrates including metals, ceramics, most plastics and glass. In addition to superior electrical insulation, it also offers astounding chemical resistance to a variety of acids, bases, solvents and other chemicals. Part A is clear in color and Part B is dark brown in color. KB 1372-LO is widely used in applications requiring excellent chemical resistance at elevated temperatures, long open time and outgassing properties.