Liquid Shims for Composite Bonding in Aerospace Applications

Liquid Shims for Composite Bonding in Aerospace Applications

Liquid shims are epoxy-based pastes typically used to fill gaps encountered primarily in aircraft composite structures that allow better load transfer between mechanically fastened components. Key features to look for while selecting a liquid shim are excellent compressive strength, resistance to cyclic fatigue, ability to withstand high temperatures and optimal cure and flow characteristics. A typical rib-to-skin aircraft assembly application involves squeezing the liquid shim over the surfaces prior to bolting. All excess epoxy squeezes out while mechanically fastening the parts, leaving an adequate amount to bridge any gaps that may have occurred.

Kohesi Bond custom formulates liquid shim epoxy systems that offer superior toughness and compressive strength. They are available in thixotropic paste viscosity, allowing them to be easily applied over vertical surfaces. Additionally, they offer first-rate resistance to high and low temperatures and readily withstand exposure to fuel and water. Our products can be tailor fitted to provide faster or slower cures. Furthermore, they can cure at ambient temperatures as well as at slightly elevated temperatures. 

Key Advantages of Kohesi Bond Liquid Shim Adhesives :

  • Excellent compressive strength
  • Remarkable toughness
  • Resistance to thermal and mechanical shocks and cyclic loads
  • Resistance to high vibrations and impact
  • First-rate lap shear strength and mechanical strength properties
  • Withstand CTE (coefficient of thermal expansion) mismatch
  • Low slump – thixotropic
  • Very good gap filling properties
  • Resistance to fuel and water ingress

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