Adhesive Selection

Adhesive selection may seem elementary, but the importance of selecting the right product cannot be over-emphasized. There are many factors that should be considered before making your choice. Kohesi Bond’s engineers go over all the aspects of your application and help you throughout the selection process. Given below are some parameters that should be evaluated during this selection process:

General Review: What substrates do you wish to adhere?
What are the dimensions of the area to be bonded?
How thick of an adhesive layer you wish to apply (bond line thickness)?
What are the minimum and maximum temperatures that the bond will be exposed to in testing/use?
Would there be any thermal cycling involved?
Will the adhesive be exposed to any chemicals/moisture?
Will the bond be subjected to mechanical loads/shocks/vibrations?
Do you need the adhesive to cure rigid or flexible?
Does the adhesive need to display any electrical or thermal conductivity/insulation?
Do you need the adhesive to pass any industrial certification tests (NASA low outgassing, USP Class VI, UL 94 V-0, FAR 25.853)?
Do you need the adhesive in any specific color?
Curing Review:
Do you prefer a room temperature cure or a heat cure?
How much adhesive will be mixed and applied at a time?
How much working-time is required for the application of the adhesive?
How quickly does the adhesive have to cure (curing time)?
What are your assembly line constraints between application of the adhesive and the part being used in service?
Packaging and Application Review: How do you wish to apply the adhesive (manually/manual dispensing/automatic dispensing)?
Do you require a low or a high viscosity adhesive?
How do you want the adhesive to be packaged?
How accurately do you need the adhesive to be dispensed?
What shelf life requirements and storage conditions are required?
A proper analysis of the adhesive selection helps achieve superior adhesion in your application.