Kohesi bond’s technical tip library offers answers to most common questions related to bonding, sealing, coating, potting and encapsulation. In addition, they provide guidance on achieving better strength, higher production efficiency and tips on ease of application. Get the most out of first-rate adhesive systems, by referring to Kohesi Bond’s technical tips.

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True one component epoxy systems are gaining increasing acceptance as compared to popular two component epoxy systems. One-part epoxies are
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When a light beam is focussed on an optically clear surface, a part of the light gets absorbed by the
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With the growing needs of the electronics industry, the challenge to protect and secure critical components is extremely important. This
Adhesive Selection
Adhesive selection may seem elementary, but the importance of selecting the right product cannot be over-emphasized. There are many factors
How To Optimize The Glass Transition Temperature (Tg) Of An Epoxy
Unlike thermoplastic polymers, when a thermosetting polymer is heated it does not begin to melt. Instead, they turn into a
Epoxies make an excellent choiceof material for space applications. However, selecting the right adhesive is extremely critical for the performance
Enhancing Electrical Insulation Properties For Epoxies
Epoxies are inherently excellent electrical insulators. Adhesives, sealants, coatings, potting, encapsulation and impregnating compounds are widely employed in electronic and