Technical Tips: How to Mix a Two Component Epoxy

Are you facing trouble with properly mixing a two component epoxy? Watch our latest technical tip to master the art of mixing epoxy adhesives!

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Video Transcript:

Have you ever wondered how to thoroughly mix a two component epoxy system? Let us first understand what the two components of an epoxy adhesive are. Part A is the resin and Part B is the curing agent. Epoxies are available in a wide variety of mixing ratios and they can be mixed either by weight or volume. To understand how to consistently mix the two components, let us take an adhesive with a 1:1 mixing ratio by weight. Now, measure 100 grams from the container with Part A and 100 grams from the container with Part B, and pour them into a clean mixing vessel. The color of Part A is red and Part B is yellow. As the two parts mix, the color changes to orange. Slowly mix the two parts to avoid any entrapment of air bubbles. When you have a homogenous color without streaks, the epoxy is ready to be applied. For epoxies having a shorter working life, it is recommended to mix a finite quantity in a shallow vessel. Inadequate mixing or a remarkable error in the mix ratio could severely affect the performance of the adhesive in your application, which could lead to failure. To avoid any errors, you may want to consider using our gun applicator. It eliminates the need for manual mixing, provides consistent results and higher productivity. Now that you are adept at mixing epoxies, you can now ensure the best adhesion in your application. Contact our technical experts if you have any questions regarding your application.