Kohesi Bond KB 1040 QF is a two component, room temperature curing epoxy system suitable for bonding, sealing, coating, potting and encapsulation. It has a favorable 4:1 (Part A: Part B) mix ratio by weight. This unique quartz filled epoxy system offers remarkable adhesion to a variety of substrates, such as metals, composites, glass, ceramics, most plastics and rubbers. It readily cures at room temperature and can achieve faster cures at elevated temperatures. The optimal cure schedule is an overnight room temperature set-up followed by a heat cure at 70°C – 90°C for 2 – 3 hours.

KB 1040 QF being quartz filled, offers phenomenal dimensional stability and low coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE). Additionally, it is capable of passing NASA standards for low outgassing (ASTM E-595) test. It offers an extensive serviceable temperature range of -50°C to +120°C. This superior adhesive fosters outstanding physical strength properties and offers very low shrinkage upon cure. It offers very good flow properties. In addition to superior electrical insulation, it also offers astounding chemical resistance to a variety of fuels, oils, acids, bases and water. Part A and Part B are beige in color. KB 1040 QF is widely used in optical, optoelectronic, fiber-optic, electronics, aerospace and related industries.